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Yes, it can be very confusing if you first try to understand astrology. On the traditional western map, this is the left side, but do not forget to look at the
Free Daily Horoscopes from the point of view of you on Earth.

It is the heart of a horoscope and looks at the path of other planets. It’s a different perspective. The 1st house symbolizes the sunrise on the astrological map. If you were born at sunrise, the sun is at the top of your theme.

The second category includes those who have read many books on astrology and developed incurable astrological constipation. It will be difficult for them to start with a clear plan because they can not disclose what they have. However, this book can help eliminate some spiders from their head. I did not see much.

His mind is submerged by dogmas accused of astrology. They read books on astrology and ask the question about the secrets of the prediction techniques contained in the book. They do not know how to study the case study, how these predictive techniques are discussed in the book. It is more in the West that their attitude towards any subject, including astrology, is completely mechanical.

The third category belongs to certain elite groups, such as engineers, who use the method and system of subject analysis. Books on the market, including textbooks, are just the repetition of knowledge. None of these books can solve the problem of finding a method to estimate the potential of a horoscope. I received a thank you from this group. They recognized the value of a systematic approach.

The first and third categories mentioned here will benefit the most because my astrology experience spans more than two decades.

The main purpose of the letter is to show that in astrology, the method, the technique and the scientific analysis to be learned are valued. Because only every astrologer can work hard and develop his own style of prediction. This is a book to teach the style that the predictive method can evolve.

This relationship is illustrated by Hairpin’s “The Astrology Is Fake” written by Rosa Lyster under the titles “Astrology Is Fake But Leo’s Famous” and “Astrology Fake and Taurus Has Has Change”.

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