What’s hunting camo and why is it required? Camouflage clothing in one type or another is something that has existed for so long as humans have been. Every military on earth also uses camo in one form or another for toddlers or for combat.

For the practical purposes of this article, we seemed to set our recommendations by weather, whether cold or warm, and by animal or hunting situation. Recognizing that there are all those female hunters making their way to the field, which they’ve a very distinct body design than men, we also have included recommendations for women searching equipment too.

Note that there is not specific hunting clothing for ladies in each class, and on occasion the apparel is more in appearance than function, but we did need to offer hints where applicable. Upland Game Bird and dove hunt – Most people that hunt upland birds and or dove and quail will generally be looking at a quality hunting vest over all else. You can Check here to find out more.

That’s not to say they don’t wear camo clothes for this sort of hunting, but the clothes selected is generally not special for this type of hunting and are available in the under recommendations depending on the temperature during the search.

This section focuses exclusively on the vests used for this kind of hunting. Dove Vest – A typical dove vest may have pockets to carry spare shells and on occasion even have a big opening on the rear of the vest to place the birds after they’ve been harvested.

Some vests will even have a pocket on the shoulder where a pad should be placed to lessen the felt recoil of the shotgunsomething that may be truly valued by a smaller framed shooterespecially if they’re utilizing a 12 gauge! – what’s the best dove vest? The Browning Trapper Creek Vest is the perfect answer for somebody who’s searching for a light-weight dove vest.

The mesh panels allow body heat to disperse and won’t leave you feeling like you’re in a sauna on a hot Sept afternoon. There are four big shell pockets on the front and a large mesh pocket in the back to store your empties or your game. There’s also a pocket to hold the G2 fence plate, that may be purchased separately. All in all, this is a comfortable and durable searching vest. What’s the best womens dove vest? The Browning Lady SPTR II Vest isn’t the truest of dove vests, but with its mesh layout and flattering cut, it definitely fits the bill for the women who wish to hunt dove, but do it with a feminine flair.